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      S1 – S3 Information, knowledge and skills needed to thrive now and in the future.

      Faculties & Subjects

      Discover Subject News, Events, Daily Feeds, Student Work, Courses and Video Presentations.

      Remote Learning

      Opportunities and resources to expand learning away from school. 


      The Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is the national curriculum used from nursery to secondary school.

      Study Starts Now

      Offering an 8-week revision guide, Supported Study, Easter School info, and links to Achieve, West OS, e-Sgoli, and Scholar.

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      Senior Phase

      S4 – S6 Information. The senior phase builds firmly on the experiences and outcomes from the BGE.

      Support for Learning

      Support and Information for pupils with Additional Support Needs.


      The latest competitions for a variety of subjects that our young people can enter.

    • Trips

      Discover upcoming educational visits, away days or residential holidays organised by the school to broaden the educational experience.

      Young Enterprise

      Building a successful and sustainable future for all young people, the Young Enterprise rewards young people with an event that celebrates entrepreneurialism.


      There’s always a lot going on at Stranraer Academy. From inspirational talks and musical performances to careers fairs, and parent’s evenings to school excursions.

      Discover those essential dates for your diary.

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      P7 Transistion

      An exciting event in any young person’s life. Here you will find all the information needed to help our young people transition to Stranraer Academy.

      The Polar Academy

      A fantastic event and opportunity for a small selection of brave and adventurous young people. Join the experience.

    • The Headteachers Office

      Featuring Headteacher’s Letters, Comments, Weekly Updates, Video Blogs and Acknowledging Student Success.

      The Teachers Lounge

      Faculty and Teacher’s Social Media Feeds. Daily updates from each subject.

      Film Archive

       Archive for Legacy Media Production.


      Click the button to discover regular updates on what’s going on at Stranraer Academy.

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      The Student Rec Room

      Daily Notices, Essential Information, Student Leadership, Exceptional Work and Pop Culture News. It’s all here in the Rec Room.

      Wider Achievement

      Share your successes to inspire others. Submit details and photos to be featured on our website and other platforms.

      Posters & Graphics

      Archive for Academy Posters, Graphics and Typography.

    • Teachers & Support

      Meet the exceptional teaching staff at Stranraer Academy which delivers a first-class learning environment for our young people. 

      Parent Council

      The Parent Council is a group of parents selected by all parents in the school to represent their views.


      Stranraer Academy is a culture of inspiration, innovation, energy and creativity in teaching, and this character shapes the learning of our pupils.


      Stranraer Academy’s senior leadership works together to implement a school’s vision.

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      Campus Police

      Discover the official campus Police Officer’s page for Police Scotland on the Stranraer Academy website.

      Clerical & Janitorial

      Essential to the everyday operations of the academy.

    • Virtual Tour

      This presentation will give you an engaging and thorough tour of the academy.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Discover the common questions and answers about our Academy.

      School Meal Information

      Healthy Nutrition, Menu Choices and how a young person can claim for Free School Meals.


      In this section, you will find essential, enlightening and exciting communication relevant to the academy, our young people and the greater community.

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      Stranraer Academy policies cover pupil welfare and safeguarding, teaching and learning practices.

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      School Uniform

      Find out about our school uniform expectations and where to buy uniform.

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Term Dates

Stranraer Academy - Term Dates

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Term 1
Staff training – Friday 18 and Monday 21 August 2023
First day – Tuesday 22 August 2023
Last day – Friday 13 October 2023

Autumn holiday – Monday 16 to Friday 27 October 2023

Term 2
First day – Monday 30 October 2023
Last day – Friday 22 December 2023

Christmas holiday – Monday 25 December 2023 to Friday 5 January 2024 (pupils return Tuesday 9 January)

Term 3
Staff training – Monday 8 January 2024
First day – Tuesday 9 January 2024
Mid-term holiday – Monday 12 February to Wednesday 14 February 2024*
(*Staff training – Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 February 2024)
Pupils return from Mid-term holiday – Thursday 15 February 2024
Last day – Friday 22 March 2024

Spring holiday – Monday 25 March to Friday 5 April 2024

Term 4
First day – Monday 8 April 2024
May Day holiday – Monday 6 May 2024
Last day – Monday 1 July 2024

Summer holiday – Tuesday 2 July to Friday 16 August 2024 (pupils return Wednesday 21 August 2024)

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Term 1
Staff training – Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August 2024
First day – Wednesday 21 August 2024
Last day – Friday 11 October 2024

Autumn holiday – Monday 14 to Friday 25 October 2024

Term 2
First day – Monday 28 October 2024
Last day – Friday 20 December 2024

Christmas holiday – Monday 23 December 2024 to Monday 6 January 2025 (pupils return Tuesday 7 January)

Term 3
Staff training – Monday 6 January 2025
First day – Tuesday 7 January 2025
Mid-term holiday – Wednesday 19 February to Friday 21 February 2025*
(*Staff training – Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 February 2025)
Pupils return from Mid-term holiday – Monday 24 February 2025
Last day – Friday 28 March 2025

Spring holiday – Monday 31 March to Friday 11 April 2025

Term 4
First day – Monday 14 April 2025

Easter weekend (schools closed) Friday 18 April and Monday 21 April 2025

May Day holiday – Monday 5 May 2025
Last day – Thursday 3 July 2025

Summer holiday – Friday 4 July to Tuesday 19 August 2025

Stranraer Academy - Term Dates

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Stranraer Academy is sometimes closed in unexpected circumstances like bad weather. We aim to let everyone know as soon as we can in these situations.

Headteachers are authorised to make an emergency closure when the state of the weather or any other exceptional circumstance make it absolutely necessary in the best interests of the pupils.

Text messaging
You will receive a text message wherever possible if the academy is closed.

Local media
Local newspapers, radio and TV stations receive an email as soon as the online list of closed schools is updated. They can publicise this information if they want to.

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Countdown to Summer Break

As we bid farewell to another school year, we hope that each member of our Stranraer Academy community has a truly enjoyable summer break. May it be filled with sunshine, relaxation, and unforgettable moments spent with loved ones. Here's to a rejuvenating and joy-filled holiday for all!



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