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Headteacher Bulletin – #6

Dear parents and carers,

What an incredible week it has been at our school!

First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in the Regional Sports events, where our students brought home numerous medals. The same goes for the Disability Sports competitions, which also saw a fantastic display of talent and resulted in a wealth of medals. Additionally, I want to congratulate our Regional Netball team for their outstanding achievement as Plate Winners.

We’ve had a flurry of activities taking place, including the DofE program, the Senior Prom, the P7 Disco, and the Parents Info Evening. I extend my appreciation to all those who contributed to the organisation of these events. Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our staff members who provided cover and support during absences related to these activities. It’s remarkable to witness such dedication and enthusiasm at this stage of the year, as we continue to foster learning and expand the Stranraer Academy experience.

Our P7 students had a successful three-day visit.

I’m pleased to say that the new S1 students are a wonderful group, comprising exceptionally talented and pleasant children. Please rest assured that we are committed to supporting pupils effectively, employing a warm-strict approach that allows every student to reach their full potential.

I’m delighted to share with you the positive feedback we received from Jim Brown – Head of Education Curriculum and Quality – who visited our school recently. Jim toured the premises with me and spent the morning observing the calm and happy atmosphere, as well as the sense of collegiality among our staff. We’ve had numerous visitors this week, and I take immense pride in showcasing the outstanding work being done here.

Another important indicator for us is how well we handle unexpected situations. This week, we had a fire alarm, caused by either accidental contact or a sensor malfunction. Despite the circumstances, the response from our students, especially the un-drilled P7s enduring 30-degree heat during break, was exemplary. I commend everyone involved.

I’m pleased to announce that we have been successful in recruiting new staff members to complement our team. Please join me in welcoming the following colleagues who will be joining us in August:

Linzi Kelly: English and History
Donna Ferguson: Aird
Vicki Greenhalgh (pronounced Green-hilsh): Science
Fiona Smith: Drama (yes, drama is back at Stranraer Academy!)

I would also like to congratulate Vicky Rankin for assuming the role of Inclusive Practice Lead. Vicky will be forming a working group with representatives from each faculty to address the important inclusion agenda. I have complete confidence in our ability to meet the needs of a wider range of learners while maintaining a calm and effective learning environment for all.

I want to express my gratitude for your support in implementing the adjustments to our uniform policy this week, considering the warm temperatures. As forecasts indicate a drop in temperature and the return of showers next week, we will revert to the normal uniform expectations from Monday.

Warm regards,

Mr Jamie Farquhar
Acting Headteacher

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